Clark And McCullough: As Nutty As They Come

2433. CLARK md McCULlOUGH: AS NUTTY AS THEY COME! (1932-1933-USA).
1. THE GAY NIGHTIES (1933-USA). With BOBBY CLARK, PAUL McCULLOUGH, JAMES FINLAYSON. Dark and McCullough are hilarious as Hives and Blodgett, inept campaign managers of a candidate who practically has the word “loser” stamped across his forehead. The candidate complains, “Unless something radical is done before that convention starts tomorrow. I won’t be nominated. I’ll be squashed!” The boys’ response will leave you laughing yourself silly! NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #2677.
2. LOVE and HISSES (1933-USA). With BOBBY CLARK, PAUL McCULLOUGH. A resolute woman refuses to allow her daughter to run off and marry Mr. Right until she is able to rope the young man’s pompous father into matrimony. C & M are the zany cronies the younger fellow, and their efforts to unite the lovers result in a laugh-filled romp. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #2877.
3. THE ICEMAN’S BALL (1932-USA). With BOBBY CLARK, PAUL McCULLOUGH, JAMES FINLAYSON, VERNON DENT, WALTER BRENNAN. The police are called to investigate a disturbance at the Iceman’s Ball. The boys pilfer a police car and go on to make a mockery of the men in blue.
4. SNUG IN THE JUG (1933-USA). With BOBBY CLARK, PAUL McCULLOUGH, HARRY GRIBBON. Being released from the penitentiary, C & M have become best buddies with the warden, who is practically in tears at the thought of their leaving. He tells the boys that they always will be welcome in his jail. You just know that the warden will be reacquainting himself with his favorite ex-cons sooner than he thinks.
5. JITTERS THE BUTLER (1932-USA). With BOBBY CLARK, PAUL McCULLOUGH, JAMES FINLAYSON. The boys are comically incompetent street sweepers who tangle with their boss and his wife, who is constantly crashing her car. The overseer is one Phineas P. McPhinn, and he is running for re-election as city street cleaning commissioner. McPhinn proudly bills himself as “the man who came up from the gutter!” The result can only be comic chaos. 92 minutes total. Comedy