Clyde Cook: A Silent Comedian For Hal Roach

1. STARVATION BLUES (1925-USA). With CLYDE COOK. Zany Clyde plays a musician who hails from Merry Olde England but somehow has found himself stranded and starving on the streets of Chicago in mid-winter. After watching this knockabout farce, you will know exactly why Chicago is nicknamed the windy city!
2. WIFE TAMERS (1926-USA). With LIONEL BARRYMORE, CLYDE COOK, GERTRUDE ASTOR. Bet you didn’t know that movie legend Lionel Barrymore appeared in “silent” comedy shorts. Barrymore plays Mr. Barry, a man who has tried to tame his mate but should have started with a lion and worked his way up! As she and an escort set out for a night on the town, Mr. B. hires a waitress to impersonate a duchess and “make his wife jealous.” Clyde Cook is cast as Barry’s nincompoop servant.
3. WANDERING PAPAS (1926-USA). With CLYDE COOK. Directed by STAN LAUREL. Movie legend Stan Laurel directed comedy shorts before learning up with Oliver Hardy. He does a fine job on this hilarious burlesque. The setting is the “Great Open Spaces” where men are men and women are scarce. It is here, where dozens of males work on a construction site. Living nearby is the Mad Hermit, who promises a swift and painful death to anyone who so much as looks at his daughter. Nevertheless, she is planning to elope with an engineer. Clyde plays the camp’s cook, a dimwit who, of course, is mistaken for the lover of the Mad Hermit’s offspring. The stunts involving the wayward train are especially impressive.
4. WHAT’S THE WORLD COMING TO! (1926-USA). With CLYDE COOK. The time is a hundred years in the future and the roles of the sexes have been reversed. A groom, played by Cook, is blushing. His bride is manly and aggressive. The result is a “futuristic” comedy that’s as fascinating as it is funny!
“Silent” films with music score. 85 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy