Colgate Comedy Hour, The

2538. THE COLGATE COMEDY HOUR (c. January, 1952) NBC-TV net. With DEAN MARTIN and JERRY LEWIS. What can you say about uproarious chaos? The show starts with a visit to the Annual Award Dinner of “Mayhem Inc.,” and guess who’s scheduled to entertain these gun-toting tough guys? Look for SHELDON LEONARD and MIKE MAZURKI among the gangsters. Ever wonder what Dean and Jerry are really like and how they live? Now you can find out! When Dean and Jerry become soda jerks and a customer asks for their advertised “giant malted,” you won’t believe your eyes! Here’s a hint: the milkshake is mixed with an outboard motor! We couldn’t stop laughing, and neither could they as Martin and Lewis crack up on camera. The song and dance Jerry does with two chubby girls while dressed in a matador cap is anticlimactic! Recommended! 53 minutes. Live TV Comedy