Coming Of Amos, The

2885. THE COMING OF AMOS (1925-USA). With ROD LA ROCQUE, JETTA GOUDAL, NOAH BEERY. Presented by CECIL B. De MILLE. As this powerful tale of adventure and romance begins, unworldly and happv-go-lucky Australian sheep rancher Amos Burden agrees to fulfill his mother’s death-bed wish that he learn more about the world. He packs his sheep shears and a couple of boomerangs and travels to the posh French Riviera where he visits the studio of his Uncle David Fontenay. Fontenay is an artist and sophisticate whose circle of friends include the nobility of Europe. There are several colorful visitors to the studio, including the dowager Duchess of Perth and an unfriendly fellow called Garcia who comes complete with slicked dark hair and an earring. “Uncle Davey” introduces Amos to the exotic, Princess Nadia Ramiroff of Russia, a beautiful and mysterious exile. The two young people fall in love, but Nadia tries to distance herself from Amos in order to protect him because every man who has shown her affection has been found dead! Amos soon realizes that Nadia is keeping a secret that involves the villainous Garcia. Finally Amos asks her, “What does Garcia matter when I love you?” Her answer is chilling, and its significance will lead the lovers into a thrill- packed adventure involving a huge castle with a secret cellar, fast-paced swordplay and a fierce battle for their lives! “Silent” film with music score. 54 minutes. “Silent” Adventure