Confessions Of A Vice Baron

2115. CONFESSIONS OF A VICE BARON (1942-usA). With WILLY CASTELLO. LUCKY Lombardo isn’t so lucky anymore. He is a small-time racketeer who had skyrocketed to the top in gangland, and he is set to die in the electric chair promptly at midnight. Scant hours before he is to face death, Lucky decides to dictate the story of his career to the prison authorities. He hopes that it will’ be “thought-provoking, shocking, even frightening. I want it to be a lesson and a warning to others who might be tempted as I was by easy money.” Lucky relates what he describes as “a real- life story of the underworld, a story of vice, crime, cupidity, greed…” He starts out as a professional escort and eventually becomes an abortionist, vice syndicate procurer and white slaver. He winds up as a notorious vice czar who thinks he is immune to the law. Lucky’s story is told via clips from several 1930s exploitation films. It is explained that as his career progressed Lucky took on various aliases, which accounts for his name changes from sequence to sequence. All are edited together into a thoroughly illogical hodgepodge that is a jumble of unintentional hilarity. In some scenes Lucky has a moustache; in others, he doesn’t. Characters appear onscreen and then disappear just as quickly. Along the way there are plenty of scantily-clad girls, and even some nudity. The result is a film that is as humorously tawdry as its title. It is described in “The Phantom’s Ultimate Video Guide” as “pretty unique, and a top video value for celluloid sleaze buffs.” 59 minutes Exploitation