2344. CORREGIDOR (1943-USA). WITH Otto Kruger, Elissa Landi, Donald woods, FRANK | EN ICS. Co-scripted by EDGAR ULMER. Produced during the depths of World War II, this rousing and moving drama is “dedicated to the heroes of the United States and Philippine armed forces” who courageously battled the Japanese in the spring of 1942. The story opens on Manoi in the Philippine islands. The date is December 6, 1941. Dr. Royce Lee (played by beautiful Elissa Landi) arrives. She had recently been rejected by the man she truly loved and has come to Manoi to wed an old beau, Dr. Jan Stockman. Just as the ceremony concludes, Japanese bombers ominously fly overhead. In addition to their surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese are in the process of invading the Philippines. Instead of savoring a happy and peaceful honeymoon, the doctors find themselves thrust into a living hell. They eventually make their way to Corregidor where they do what they can lo save lives amid the chaos of nonstop fighting. Further complications arise for the newlyweds when they learn that Royce’s former love just so happens to be stationed in Corregidor. The result is an edge-of-your-seat story of bombs and bullets, fear and heartbreak, heroism and death, it is crammed with furious battle sequences and deeply human characters whose simple desires to live and love in peace have been irrevocably altered by the cruel face of war. 69 minutes. War Drama