Corridor Of Mirrors

1980. CORRIDOR Of MIRRORS (1948-England). With eric portman, edana Romney, CHRISTOPHER LEE, LOIS MAXWELL. Music by GEORGES AURIC. A potent, almost surreal drama which tells the curious and fascinating tale Of two uncommon people whose souls are eternally intertwined, He is Paul Mangin, an artist and connoisseur Of note who resides in a mansion filled with priceless museum-quality objects. Mangin has surrounded himself with an atmosphere Of the past. In fact, he readily admits that he wants to belong to the past. Mangin meets and falls for the charming but inexperienced Mifanwy. She in turn becomes smitten with him. As Mifanwy gets to know Mangin, she comes to believe that her personality is being taken over. She observes that she feels herself “imprisoned in a different world.” She soon learns that Mangin’s love is based on the fact that she bears an uncanny resemblance to a beautiful woman in one Of the artist’s Renaissance era-paintings. Where will all this lead? It will lead to the introduction Of several other colorful and unusual characters. Also, to the revelation Of some deeply hidden secrets, and to murder and a strange vengeance. Look for horror film great Christopher Lee in the small but pivotal role as a craftsĂ‚man who executes some costumes Mangin designs. 94 minutes. Drama