Cottage To Let

2602. COTTAGE TO LET (1941-England). With LESLIE BANKS, ALASTABR SIM, JOHN MILLS, MICHAEL WILDING. Do not be misled by the lightheaded implication of this film’s title. It actually is a crackerjack mystery-thriller set in a small Scottish village during the very early days of World War II. Fate has brought several people to the town, and to the title abode. They include John Barrington, a famous inventor; several servants; a downed RAF pilot; a young evacuee from the London blitz; and a gentleman who had rented the cottage when Barrington’s wife had placed it on the market. It so happens that Barrington has been perfecting a new bombsight for the British Air Ministry, and there is pressure on him to complete his work. At the same time, you can be sure that Britain’s enemies would love to have the genius inventor working for them. Clearly, many of the characters at the cottage are not who they present themselves to be. It seems certain that at least one of therm has been dispatched to Scotland from Germany. His assignment: kidnap Barrington and whisk him away to Berlin. You’ll have fun sorting out the good guys from the bad as this fast-paced scenario unfolds. The finale is especially exciting. It is set in a tent of mirrors, and is worthy of Hitchcock. 86 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense