Country Gentlemen

749. COUNTRY GENTLEMEN (1936-USA). With OLE OLSEN and CHIC JOHNSON, JOYCE COMPTON, LILA LEE, RAY CORRIGAN. Olsen and Johnson were partners since 1914 in vaudeville. Their typically madcap humor featured the outrageous pun and co-starred the one-liner and black-out. They play two charming swindlers who take their bogus gold stocks and leave town two steps ahead Of the District Attorney, along with a dog, a dame, a runaway kid and a large bicycle! Circumstances find the boys in a small town and owners Of a $4000 vacant lot and a dry oil well -with giggling Olsen and slow bum Johnson al their zaniest. The laugh is on Olsen and Johnson when their phony oil well turns out to be a gusher. The laugh’s on you with this gem Of Depression comedy. 54 minutes. Comedy