Courageous Mr. Penn

350. COURAGEOU5 MR. PENN (1941-England), WITH Clifford evans, deborah kerr. Musical direction by MIUR MATHIESON. The inspiring biography of William Penn, one of the world’s bravest religious leaders, is told in an absorbing and well-mounted drama. Penn, the son of a nobleman in 17th-century England, rejects the world of aristocracy and royalty, and leaves home to join the most ‘despised group in the country-the Quakers. PreachÂing that all men are brothers, and that “faith, hope and love can conquer the world,” Penn is violently persecuted. He is tried for advocating sedition, but refuses to renounce his beliefs, despite extensive bullying by the judges. In one of the film’s most moving scenes, Penn is found not guilty, but the angry judges retaliate by imprisoning and starving the entire jury! Determined to find a haven for religious freedom, Penn persuades the King to give the Quakers land in America. After an arduous ocean voyage (during which Penn shows his courage by battling a smallpox epidemic) and great hardÂships in clearing the wilderness and facing the Indian threats, the Quakers establish Pennsylvania and The City of Brotherly Love,” Philadelphia. The film’s standout performance is by lovely Deborah Kerr as an aristocrat who, inspired by Penn’s noble idealism, becomes a Quaker and marries him. And 1941’s audiences, experiencing World War II’s darkest days, must themselves have been inspired by Penn’s hopes that “out of our unity will corns the greater unity of Europe and the world!” 98 minutes. Historical Drama