David Copperfield

2942. DAVID COPPERFJELD (1970-England) COLOR. With RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH, CYRIL CUSACK, EDITH EVANS, WENDY HILLER, RON MOODY, LAURENCE OLIVIER, ROBIN PHILLIPS, MICHAEL REDGRAVE, RALPH RICHARDSON, EMLYN WILLIAMS. Directed by DELBERT MANN. The Charles Dickens story comes to vivid life in this atmospheric adaptation which features many of the immortal British theater actors of the 20th-century. The story tells of David (well-played by Robin Phillips, who holds his own nicely in such distinguished company). It opens with David Copperfield pondering an age-old question: Will he turn out to be the hero of his own life, or will that role get to be performed by someone else? As he walks along a beach, David recalls his childhood and the various characters and events that have had meaningful roles in shaping the man he has become. Some of those who have touched him have been kind and comforting while others have been harsh and cruel. The performances elicited by Oscar-winning director Delbert Mann are collectively stunning. For openers, Ralph Richardson makes a vibrant Mr. Micawber and Michael Redgrave wows as Mr. Peggolly. Ron Moody is ideally cast as Uriah Heep while Richard Attenborough and Emlyn Williams do well in their roles as Mr. Tungay and Mr. Dick. Laurence Olivier even won an Emmy nomination for his cameo role as Mr. Creakle (the film was telecast on the ABC net March 15, 1970). At the same time, the actresses are in no way outshone. In particular, Wendy Hiller does wonders as Mrs. Micawber and Edith Evans could not be a more perfect Aunt Betsey. You simply have not experienced Dickens’ wonderful story until you see this exceptional film! 118 minutes. Drama