Day Will Dawn, The

1234. THE DAY WILL DAWN (The Avengers) (1942-England). With HUGH WILLIAMS, GRIFFITHS JONES, DEBORAH KERR, RALPH RICHARDSON. Directed by HAROLD FRENCH. Treatment and screenplay by TERRENCE RATTICAN, ANATOLE DEGRUNWALD, PATRICK KIRWEN. Deborah Kerr was all of twenty-one year old, and in her second year as a film actress, when she starred in THE DAY WILL DAWN. Although she was still several years away from full-fledged stardom as one of the world’s classiest, most graceful actresses, her raw talent is eve so apparent here. Kerr is cast in this rousing World War II adventure as Karin, the daughter of an old Norwegian skipper. She falls in love with a racing journalist turned foreign correspondent (Hugh Williams, the actor and playwright who had a 35-year screen career in leading and supporting roles). They initially meet prior to the German invasion of her homeland, as the Nazis are clandestinely constructing a secret U-boat base near her town. Later on, she and her father assist the writer in a plot to sabotage the base. Ralph Richardson, one of Britain’s great character performers is perfectly east as a crackerjack war reporter, who always slicks to his assignmentĂ‘no matter what happens. Also appearing is a sterling line-up of British supporting players, whose faces (if not names) will be ever-so familiar 100 minutes. Adventure