Days Of Jesse James

2558. DAYS OF JESSE JAMES (1939-USA). With ROY ROGERS, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, DONALD BARRY, SCOTTY BECKETT, MONTE BLUE. This gunpowder-charged western adventure pits Roy Rogers against the legendary western outlaw Jesse James. James’ exploits are the most exciting topic of gossip out west in 1869. With brother Frank and the infamous Younger brothers, Jesse robs banks and trains in Missouri, Nebraska and adjacent territories. Many claim he is a Robin Hood who only steals to make up for the way his family and friends were ill-treated after the Civil War. They feel the real outlaws are the thieving land-grabbers who came out west after the war to take what they had no right to own. Others believe Jesse is a no-account bandit who must be stopped. As a detective representing the Bankers’ Association, Roy’s mission is to capture Jesse and retrieve for depositors a fortune in funds that the outlaw’s gang supposedly has stashed. Retired California goldminer Gabriel Whitaker (played by scruffy but lovable George “Gabby” Hayes) also wants to locate Jesse in order to reclaim $40,000 he “got argufied” into depositing shortly before the bank was robbed. Join these three determined men who are hell-bent in their search for one of the most notorious outlaws in the history of the Wild West. 53 minutes. Western