Dead Eyes Of London

2806. DEAD EYES OF LONDON (1961 -Germany). With KLAUS KINSKI. Based on a novel by EDGAR WALLACE. In the early 1960s a series of exciting edge-of-your-seat screen chillers was produced in West Germany. All were set in England and based on the writings of the fabled British novelist Edgar Wallace. Here is one of the best of the lot and it is a truly riveting tale of terror. It opens with a vividly staged murder. The victim is an Australian who had been visiting London and who ends up being fished out of the Thames. In his pocket is a cryptic note written in Braille. His demise is the latest in a series of alleged “drownings.” All of the deceased are wealthy men from abroad who wear glasses. All have hefty life insurance policies. All have lost their lives on foggy nights. The evidence indicates that the victims had simply drowned and their deaths are linked only by coincidence. However, Scotland Yard Inspector Larry Holt is convinced that all were premeditated killings. Enter seductive Nora Ward, a Braille expert called in to decipher the note. She cannot translate it in its entirety. Suffice to say that the word “crime” is recognizable. So is the word “murder.” She then makes out a fragment of a sentence: “…the blind monster and his master…” This is enough to convince Holt that the “blind killers of London” are back at work. They are a notorious band of sightless thieves and murderers who commit terrible acts in the dead of night. Holt heads up an investigation and immediately finds himself immersed in the London underbelly and mixing with an array of unusual and colorful characters. The result is one eerie thriller that will shock and surprise you. Dubbed in English. 99 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense