Dead Men Walk

2045. DEAD MEN WALK (1943-usa). WITH George Zucco, Mary Carlisle, Dwight FRYE. “You creatures of the light,” a face with a commanding but hair-raising voice addresses the viewer at the beginning of this chilling horror film. “How can you say with absolute certainty what does or does not dwell within the limitless ocean of the night? Are the dark and shrouded regions of evil not but figments of the imagination because you in your puny conceit say they cannot exist?” What follows is a story “told in frightened whispers” and stemming from the legends of “witch and warlock, werewolf and vampire (all of which are) the spawn of hell.” It is the saga of two look-a-like brothers, both played by fright film favorite George Zucco. Dr. Lloyd Clayton is an honorable man who had long been tormented by sibling Elwyn. The latter is evil incarnate and a “servant of the devil” whose hands have been “stained with the blood of the innocent.” A bond of hatred between these brothers has lasted a lifetime. The film opens with Elwyn’s funeral. However, this merchant of mayhem will not remain dead for long. The catalyst is Zolarr, Elwyn’s crazed hunchback assistant (acted with delicious menace by Dwight Frye, who made a career out of playing such roles). With Zolarr’s assistance EJwyn returns from his grave in the form of a vampire. He commences a deadly rampage and you just know that the good Dr. Clayton will soon stand accused of his diabolical deeds. 64 minutes. Horror