Death Curse Of Tartu

2756. DEATH CURSE OF TARTU (1967-USA) COLOR. This creepy horror show opens with a man entering an eerie cave hidden deep in the Florida Everglades. A mysterious hand emerges from under a rock. In an instant the man finds himself trapped inside the cavern. A pair of feet slowly and ominously approach him. In a flash, he is knocked cold and the life slowly seeps out of him. The one character who comprehends the reason for this horrifying act is Billy, a young Seminole, who guides tourists through the Everglades. Billy has a deep understanding of and respect for his tribal lore. One tradition in particular has him in awe. It relates to a sacred burial mound hidden inside the cave. Billy is convinced that this particular site is haunted. “Ever since I was a little boy I have seen my people bring back the bodies of dead men who have invaded the sacred burial ground,” he observes. “I myself have heard the drums and the voices of the ancient Indians who lie buried here.” Perhaps, the most prominent is a Seminole witch doctor named Tartu. Several centuries earlier, Tartu had placed a spell on the grave, promising that if any mortal intruded upon it he would come back to wreak havoc. Onto this scene comes Ed and Julie Tilson and several adolescent archeology students. As the gravesite of Tartu already has been defiled, you know their lives are imperiled. You will be on the edge of your chair as you watch these innocent nubile teen girls and their boyfriends make out and clown around. Little do they know what horrible fate is in store for them. Which of them will survive? Indeed, will anyone survive? Come to think of it, what’s that behind you? 88 minutes. Horror