Defilers, The

2685. THE DEFILERS (1965-USA). Interspersed within the dramatics of this brutal crime drama are plenty of statuesque young female bodies in various and total states of undress. The scenario opens with California studs Carl Walker, Jr. and Jamie Marsh picking up a quartet of beach bunnies in their convertible. Their destination is the seashore, where they pass the day frolicking in the sun. However, Carl is not in the best of moods. His father has been demanding that he go to work or move out of the famify house. A violent anger has been building inside Carl, which he takes out on women. “Females have one function in life,” he tells Jamie, “to give men pleasure.” Only one thing in this “square-infested” life counts: kicks. As you will see, Carl sure is out to get his share of them. After the sun sets, he goes off with one of the girls, and he begins hurting her during sexual foreplay. Later on, Carl beats and rapes another young woman after she spurns him. Just before this, he and Jamie meet a virginal blonde named Jane Collins, who is just off the bus from Minnesota. Carl proposes that he and his pal kidnap Jane and make her their slave. Jane is a nobody who is alone in the world. She knows no one and will not be missed. “Strictly for kicks,” is Carl’s rationale for robbing Jane of her freedom. After spying on her undressing in her motel room, the boys lure her away. What happens next is nothing short of shocking. 69 minutes. Drama