Devil’s Cargo

2719. DEVIL’S CARGO (1948-USA). With JOHN CALVERT, ROCHELLE HUDSON, ROSCOE KARNS, LYLE TALBOT. Based on the character “The Falcon.” In the dead of night, two shadowy figures are seen through a window. They are grapplingĂ‘and then one of them is shot in the back! The following day’s newspaper headlines inform the world of the murder of one Bruce “Lucky” Conroy, a well-known turfman and horse breeder. Enter “The Falcon,” a suave and sophisticated sleuth. As he takes a bath, he is visited by a stranger named Ramon Delgado, who promptly confesses that he is Conroy’s killer. Delgado’s alibi is that Conroy had been fooling around with his wife Margo. He is planning to turn himself in to the police, and he is certain that he will be set free once the motive for his actions is established. Before giving himself up, Delgado hands “The Falcon” a key. “You keep it for me until I’m set free,” he requests. Of course, the killing of “Lucky” Conroy will prove to be no simple open-and-shut case. For one thing, Delgado himself soon becomes a corpse. The cop in charge of investigating the crime is convinced that the confessed killer committed suicide. However, “The Falcon” knows it was murder. He holds the key (both literally and figuratively) to the case, and he sets out to uncover the culprit and disentangle a complex web involving lust, greed and deceit. As the debonair detective does so, you are certain to be mightily entertained. 60 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense