Diabolical Dr. Z, The; Miss Muerte

2552. THE DIABOLICAL DR. Z (Miss Muerte) (1967-France-Spain). Dr. Zimmer is an elderly and wheelchair-bound neuro-pathologist, He claims to have succeeded in isolating the part of the brain which determines good and evil. The doctor outrages the members of a medical council with his request for permission to conduct further experiments on hardened criminals. Are his ideas demented? Or has he made a legitimate and important medical breakthrough, and is being treated unfairly by his colleagues on the council? He does not live long enough to find out, as he succumbs to a heart attack just after being denounced by the council members. Dr. Zimmer’s tragic demise has a profound effect on his beautiful daughter Irma. She deeply loved her father and was supportive of his work. Irma is at once determined to continue that work and seek sweet vengeance against the council members who nixed the doctor’s request. How does she go about attempting to accomplish these tasks? Find out in this pulse-pounding and gloriously grisly horror chiller, which will have you gasping for breath from its chilling opening moments on. Dubbed in English. 84 minutes. Horror