Dishonored Lady; Sins Of Madeleine

2422. DISHONORED LADY (Sins Of Madeleine) (1947-usA). With HEDY LAMARR, DENNIS O’KEEFE, JOHN LODER, WILLIAM LUNDIGAN, MARGARET HAMILTON. Beautiful Madeleine Damien is as unfulfilled as she is smart and powerful. As the art editor of the chic New York City-based magazine Boulevard, she has made it big in a man’s world. Nevertheless, Madeleine is anything but happy. She is stubborn and short-tempered. She pops pills and suffers from insomnia. She goes through boyfriends the way babies use up diapers. Her various male acquaintances label her everything from a “bundle of lies” to a “voluptuous pain in the neck.” One evening, Madeleine is introduced to Felix Courtland, filthy rich international jeweler and one of her magazine’s top advertisers. Courtland promptly makes love to her, an act which seems to bring Madeleine to a breaking point. While under the care of a psychiatrist, she undergoes a personality change. Almost immediately, she falls deeply in love with Dr. David Cousins, a struggling young medical researcher. However, Madeleine’s past is destined to intrude on her present and impede her happiness in ways that are unpredictable and shocking. The result is a trim crime drama in which love and obsession, greed and murder, play equal roles. 82 minutes. Drama