2399. DIXIANA (1930-USA). With BEBE DANIELS, BERT WHEELER, ROBERT WOOLSEY, EVERETT MARSHALL, DOROTHY LEE. This tune-filled romp is one of the best of all early-talkie musicals. It is set during the 1840s, and is loaded with down-home Southern charm. The hero is young Carl Van Horn (nicely played by Metropolitan Opera star Everett Marshall), whose Pennsylvania Dutchman father recently inherited a Deep South plantation. Carl has fallen passionately in love with the popular New Orleans circus eniertainer Dixiana Caldwell (Bebe Daniels, who has never been more beautiful). She accepts his marriage proposal and they return to his pappy’s estate. However, their happiness is spoiled when Carl’s social-climbing step-mother insults Dixiana upon learning that she is a “lowlife” entertainer. To her warped values, Dixiana’s profession makes her a “hussy” and excludes her from being a proper Southern belle. Furthermore Carl must contend with Montague, a scheming and dastardly gambling house proprietor and a villain who is born to be hissed. The scenario is crammed with almost non-stop music, and the popular comedy team of Bert Wheeler and Robert Woolsey are on hand to tickle your funnybone as Dixiana’s zany sidekicks. Their comical duel is especially amusing. Yet another highlight is the colorful Mardi Gras finale. CAUTION: A color sequence with Bill Robinson has been deleted from our print. 85 minutes. Musical