Do You Want To Dance With Me; Come Dance With Me

2130. DO YOU WANT TO DANCE WITH ME? (Will You Dance With Me?) (1959-France) COLOR. With BRIGITTE BARDOT, HENRI VIDAL, DAWN ADDAMS. This amusing combination detective story-sex farce features the glowing presence of kittenish international screen siren Brigitte Bardol. “B.B.” (as she was known back in the 1950s) stars as Virginia, a young woman who meets and immediately weds a handsome dentist named Herve. One evening after a minor maritar spat, Herve storms off to a bar where he commences a conversation with an attractive and flirtatious woman. She tells Herve that she is unhappily married. They dance. Soon they are back at her apartment, where she attempts to seduce him. What follows is a spirited romp in which Viriginia and Herve become entangled in a murder mystery in which a host of characters play meaningful roles. First, there is Herve’s pick-up, who not surprisingly proves to be a blackmailing shrew, Then there is Virginia’s always-suspicious father, who mistrusts Herve from the outset. Next come the assorted secretive or calculating employees of a dancing school. Finally there is a hard-nosed but very human police detective. Because her beloved is the prime suspect in the case, Virginia goes incognito in an attempt to play amateur sleuth and spare Herve from a murder rap. As one might expect in a film featuring La Bardot, there is plenty of skin on display along with some peekaboo nudity. In French with English subtitles. 88 minutes. Sex-Farce