Doctor Of Doom

2583. DOCTOR OF DOOM (1962-Mexico). In this imaginative and suspensefuf horror tale, a warped-minded surgeon aptly christened “The Mad Doctor” terrorizes a city by murdering women and abandoning their corpses after expertly removing their brains. His purpose for committing these horrendous acts is to bring a certain patient back to life. In spite of the media’s coverage of the murders and a major police investigation, nobody can uncover the identity of this debased killer. With the help of Gomar, a human strong-man to whom he has given a gorilla brain transplant, “The Mad Doctor” continues his brazen quest for female brains. He eventually decides to look for the brain of a woman who is unusually intelligent, and in so doing kills a young medical student. The sister of the deceased just so happens to be a star wrestler named Gloria Venus, and she vows to avenge the vicious slaying. With her beautiful brawling buddy Golden Rubi, she goes after the deranged doctor and his brutal entourage. So popular was this fascinating story about two lovely and undaunted wrestler-avengers that the film inspired a number of lady wrestler pictures in Mexico shortly after its release. Dubbed in English. 78 minutes. Horror