Dog Eat Dog

1489. DOG EAT DOG (1964-usa-italy-west Germany). With CAMERON MITCHELL, JAYNE MANSHELD, ISA MIRANDA. As this “dog” opens-to shots of venerable B-film star Cameron Mitchell being chased by a snarling, laughing gunman, intercut with a plump, scantily-clad Jayne Mansfield writhing in ecstasy on a bed, rubbing thousand dollar bills on her ample bosom-you know you’re in for a trashy, campy laugh riot Mitchell is cast as Corbett, a thief; the gunman is his co-conspirator, who’s double crossed him. Both have just pilfered $1,000,000, and the scenario chronicles various characters’ efforts to get their paws on the loot. Jayne is the gunman’s sex-obsessed bimbo of a wife; Isa Miranda, whose career as an international movie star had seen better days, pops up in a supporting role. We have here a hot-and-heavy melodrama of lust and greed, decadence and depravity, with some unintentionally hilarious dialogue-from Jayne complaining to her husband (and anyone else within earshot) about her desperate need for clean panties to “Your mother must have made love with an elephant” “Toss your cannon in the water, daddy-o,” and Jayne cooing “I’ve got a pash for the cash.” While one GUSTAV GAVRTN is credited as director, various sources list exploitation film producer ALBERT ZUGSMITH and low budget action filmmaker RAY NAZARRO as the true creator of this all-time turkey. 86 minutes. Drama