Double Agents

975. DOUBLE AGENTS (1959-France-ltaly). With MARINA VLADY, ROBERT HOSSEIN (also co-writer and director). A fascinating tale of espionage, mystery and intrigue, set during the Second World War. German spies stationed in England send a woman to France. Her mission: to deliver the secrets of British coastal defenses to a Nazi lieutenant, and to receive from him Berlin’s instructions regarding the next spy mission. Learning of this, the British plan to intercept the woman, and send one of their own female agents, with false documents: in her place. But, fearing that they might not succeed, they devise a backup plan: to intercept the Nazi lieutenant, and substitute one of their own men, who would then retrieve the secrets from the German woman. In an isolated cabin somewhere in France, two people meet. Are they both British? Both German? Or one of each? During the long, stormy night that follows, the two continually test each other, in order to learn the truth about their identities. They experience the full range of emotions, from trust to mistrust, relaxation to uneasiness, sexual desire (leading to passionate lovemaking) to bitter hatred. Their underlying uncertainty about each other never disappears, and you will be kept guessing, up to the startling conclusion. Taut direction, a refreshingly original script, and appealing performers turn what is essentially a two-character, single- location drama into an exciting experience. Dubbed into English. 81 minutes. Intrigue