Double Confession

1979. DOUBLE CONFESSION (1950-England). With DEREK FARR, JOAN HOPKINS, PETER LORRE, WILLIAM HARTNELL. This absorbing tale of murder and intrigue tells the story of Jim Medway, a solitary, introspective mystery man who arrives at a seaside resort Medway is coming home to his wife, Lorna, whom he barely knew before going off to war for three years. During this time he remained faithful, and assumed that Lorna had acted similarly. On the night of his return, two people are murdered. One is a man, and the other is Lorna: a duplicitous woman, who had long been cheating on Medway. The veteran brags around town that he is the killer. Perhaps he really is: as a cuckolded husband, he certainly has enough of a motive to do in Lorna. At the same time he just may be playing a game, lying about his guilt as a ruse to weed out the real murderer. Medway is surrounded by various colorful individuals, who become involved in an intricate game of cat-and-mouse. Among them are a nervous restaurateur who was Lorna’s lover, and who fears he will be considered a suspect in her death; a determined reporter who shows up where he is not wanted, and asks too many questions; and a dogged police inspector, who always gets his man. Then there is Ann, Medway’s kindred spirit, a lonely woman with a “great sorrow,” who has come to the resort to work out a problem; and Paynter (Peter Lorre, at his creepiest), a devilish psychopath who is capable of ever-so-casually plotting, and attempting to carry out, the most violent of crimes. 84 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense