Drop Kick, The

2200. THE DROP KICK (1927-USA). With RICHARD BARTHELMESS, Young Jack Hamill certainly has it made. He is captain of the Shoreham College football team and the greatest drop kicker in school history. He is extremely popular with the ladies. Two in particular are destined to impact on his life. One is Cecily, sweet and pretty and shy. Not too long ago Jack used to pull her girlish curls, but now she is quite grown up. In all her dreams of romance Jack has always been the hero. At first Jack is bothered when his mother insists he take her to Shoreham’s Thanksgiving prom. However, she is so lovely that it is only a matter of time before he falls for her. The other is Cecily’s polar opposite. She is the slinky and manipulative Eunice, Jack’s ex-girlfriend. Even though she is now married, Eunice sees nothing wrong in openly flirting with Jack. Her reckless spending has forced her husband to take dire action, which just may end up causing tragedy for the innocent Jack and Cecily. This is an exceptionally fine and well-acted romantic drama; given Jack’s pigskin prowess, you know you’ll be in for a thrilling and emotion-packed gridiron finale. That’s famed gossip columnist HEDDA HOPPER (who began her career as an actress) in the role of Jack’s mom. She is described as “not only a devoted mother but her son’s pal as well.” As the drama unfolds she gets to play sleuth and have a significant role in the proceedings. JOHN WAYNE appears in this, his very first film as an unbilled member of the football team. “Silent” film with music score. 62 minutes. ÒSilentÓ Drama