Dummy Talks, The

2726. THE DUMMY TALKS (1943-England). With JACK WARNER, CLAUDE HULBERT. Scotland Yard detective Piers Harriman is scheduled to attend a music hall variety show at London’s Empire Theater. His purpose is not to be entertained. Rather, he has evidence that one of the performers has been forging bank notes and he intends to capture the culprit on the spot. Before the evening is out, Harriman is destined to find himself investigating a crime far more deadly than mere forgery. That crime is murder! On the bill at the Empire are dancers and acrobats, singers and comics, a mind reader and a ventriloquist and even an all-girl orchestra. Several of these performers are introduced, and their various intrigues and motivations and involvements are revealed. Suffice to say that before the first act is ended, one of them will be murdered. The victim proves to be a blackmailing fiend. Now the question remains: Who is the killer? Just prior to Act Two, Harriman conjures up an ingenious way to trap the guilty party. To reveal anything more about this nifty mystery would only diminish its considerable cleverness. In addition to being a crackling good yarn, the film offers a privileged look at traditional British music hall life both off and on-stage. 82 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense