Ella Cinders

1183. ELLA CINDERS (1926-usa). WITH colleen moore, harry langdon, lloyd hughes, VERA LEWIS, JED PROUTY. Cute, bob-haired and thoroughly lovable Colleen Moore offers a perky perforÂmance in this enchanting romantic comedy. She stars as Ella Cinders, the step-daughter a crotchety old Ma Cinders (Vera Lewis). The setting is a small town called Roseville-a fly spot on the map-and Ella slaves away for Ma and her two spoiled, bossy daughters; her only joy comes from her few stolen moments with one Waite Lifter (handsome Lloyd Hughes), the local iceman. Ella enters a movie contest, and attends a ball garbed in one of her step-sister’s dresses. The family is aghast-and become even more so when Ella wins the competition. She’s off to Hollywood and her experiences there, in particular those on various sets, make for splendid entertainment. A highlight; the manner in which our heroine earns an acting contract. An extra; the great comedian Harry Langdon is on hand, in a very special cameo Based on the syndicated comic strip “Cinderella In The Movies.” “Silent” films with original organ score correct projection speed. 75 minutes Comedy