Ellis Island

2595. ELLIS ISLAND (1936-USA). With DONALD COOK, PEGGY SHANNON, JACK LA RUE, JOYCE COMPTON. As this brisk-paced comedy-drama-mystery begins, three foreigners are found guilty of robbing a New York City bank of $1 million. After they each spend ten years in prison, they are taken to Ellis Island for deportation. This seems to be the end of a story instead of a beginning. Here is the kicker; The stolen money never was recovered! As jailbird Ted Kedrick prepares for exile, he has several visitors. One is a young woman who says she is his niece. Next comes a band of money-hungry gangsters led by a thug named Dude. Finally, there are two men who both claim to be T-man Peter James. What they all appear to have in common is a desire to locate the lost loot. Enter stalwart immigration officer Gary Matthews. He leaves his uniform on Ellis Island and heads up an undercover operation through the Bronx and New Jersey as the fortune hunters track down the booty. An ingenious climax tops off this most lively and entertaining concoction. 67 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense