Elysia; Valley Of The Nudes

2816. ELYSIA (Valley Of The Nudes) (1934-USA). This thoroughly fascinating curio of the 1930s begins with a proclamation: “Our purpose is to show the benefits derived from bathing the body in the sun and air. Our hope is to show that the rapid growth of the Nudist movement throughout the world is based on health-both of the body and mind.” What follows is a lightheaded story which spotlights the benefits of living life without clothing. Reporter James Mack of the International News Bureau is assigned by his editor to get some “first-hand information on nudism: in order to write a feature article on the subject.” “I’m a reporter, not a peeping tom,” Mack protests. Nevertheless, journalistic duty compels him to complete his assignment. He begins by interviewing Dr. King, a famous practitioner of nudism. He finds himself attracted to the doctor’s pretty assistant. He learns to his delight that she also is a practicing nudist. Soon Mack is lead by her to a nudist colony where he soon is cavorting among the smiling and happy campers. The film is crammed with lots of pro-nudism ideas. You’ll learn that the ancient Greeks practiced nudism. So did Benjamin Franklin. Plus, there are plenty of bare breasts and bottoms on view. The film was shot on location at Elysian Fields, described as “the largest nudist camp in California located ten miles from Lake Elsinore, one of the many garden spots” in the state. It was produced under the “personal supervision” of HOBART GLASSEY, Ph.D, the director of Elysian Fields. 46 minutes. Nudism