Errol Flynn Theatre, The; Singer Four Star Playhouse

2004. THE ERROL FLYNN THEATRE/SINGER FOUR STAR PLAYHOUSE (June 14,1957 – February 17,1955) Syndicated, CBS-TV.
1. Wife For The Czar (June 14, 19S7). Hosted by and starring ERROL FLYNN. A rollicking comedy/romance set in 1670 Moscow. The Czar is looking for romance and/or a wife…so a proclamation is sent throughout the Russias.
2. The Wild Bunch (February 17, 1955). With CHARLES BOYER, TOMMY COOK and a very young NATALIE WOOD. Directed by WILLIAM A. SEITER. A gent returns from his honeymoon with his new bride to find himself the father of three very lively teenagers! 56 minutes total. Television-Drama