1191. ESCAPADE (1955-ENGLAND). WITH john mills, yvonne mitchell, alastair sim, jeremy spenser, PETER ASHER. Directed by PHILIP LEACOCK. A subtle, intelligent, prOfound (and prOfoundly moving)-drama about adult hypocrisy and youthful idealism, john Mills stars as a famous pacifist whose intentions are well meaning but whose actions are inconsistent with his philosophy. As a result, his life is anything but peaceful; his marriage is teetering on the edge Of collapse; he seems to be constantly threatening to knock the blocks Off those with whom he disagrees; and he gives scant attention to his three sons, who attend a strict boarding school. The boys, convinced their parents are going to break up, commence upon the most outlandish Of schemes, one which defies description- except to say that it is no mere schoolboy prank, and it manages to make headlines throughout the country. One Of the sons, whose name is Icarus (and whom we never see) could be described as a 16-year-old prophet, whose feelings and ideas show a maturity well beyond his years. He has the simplicity Of a saint, and a crystal-clear vision Of how the world could-and should-be. The film benefits from a sterling cast in addition to Mills, Yvonne Mitchell (one Of Britain’s finest stage actresses during the 1950s, whose film roles were sadly infrequent) plays his long-suffering wife; the beloved Alastair Sim Offers a delicious performance as an imposing, no-nonsense headmaster; and Jeremy Spenser stands out as the boys’ schoolmate and confidante. Young Peter Asher, cast as one Of the brothers, became in ten years’ time the “Peter” Of Peter & Gordon, the popular 1960s rock duo. 88 minutes. Drama