Eternal Waltz

2085. ETERNAL WALTZ (1955-Austria-Cermany). With BERNHARD WICKI, GERT FROBE. A lush and literate biography of the fabled Austrian composer Johann Strauss, who is best-known for writing some of music’s most beloved waltzes. The film highlights two aspects of the composer’s life. First and foremost is his music, which despite an occasional critical failure allows him to attain extraordinary fame. Secondly there is the manner in which he responds to that fame. Strauss is depicted as a dashing bon vivant with a roving eye for the ladies, who maul him as if he were a rock star. Beautiful opera singers aspire to perform his music for him. Even though he is married, he becomes involved romantically with various desirable women. So in more ways than one, Strauss’ prominence allows him to “play the world over.” The soundtrack of this most satisfying biography is from beginning to end a smorgasbord of Strauss waltzes and excerpts from his operettas, all of which are magnificently performed. This is a black and white print of a film originally released in color. Dubbed in English. 99 minutes. Musical Biopic