Everybody’s Girl

2633. EVERYBODY’S GIRL (1950-USA). With GAY DAWN {“Everybody’s Sweetheart”), MARY ANDES (who, despite her name, dances in a Arab costume while the drums beat out “Song Of India”-but who goes to a burlesque show for the music?), SYLVIA (“The Sexatomic Sweetheart”), DIANE (“The Glamour Girl Of Burlesque”), ALBERTA (“Naughty But Nice”), plus lots more girls and the risque comics (who never tell a dirty joke or use a naughty word!). An excellent example of the genre-one of the best burlesque shows I’ve ever seen. The girls are…well endowed…and they can actually dance (watch LEONARA do her acrobatic routine…zowie!). The comics are really funny, and CHARLIE KRAFT, the singer, is on key most of the time. The star of the show, Gay Dawn, not only does a pulse-pounding “platform dance,” but does a bump-and-grind upside down while standing on her hands! She looks good that way too! Recommended. 76 minutes. Burlesque