Exploring Our Universe

This is a collection of eight documentary films produced by NASA portraying America’s advancements in space. 1. “The Changing Universe” (1979) is an eye-opening look at the surprises found in deep space including the sun. 2. In “Supernova” (1988), a star explodes in a nearby galaxy and becomes the brightest object seen on Earth in 1,000 years. 3. “The Cosmic Background Explorer” (1989) is a look at how the universe evolved including a guess about the Big Bang. 4. In “Galileo: The Jovian Laboratory” (1989), Voyager I and Voyager II explore Jupiter and its many moons. 5. “Galileo: Earth/Moon 1 Encounter” (1990) is a close-up look at our nearest neighbor in space, as seen by the robot that flew on to Mars. 6. “Landsat: 15 Years of Learning” (1987) is a unique look at mother Earth from an aerial perspective. 7. “Universe” (1976) is an Academy Award Nominee narrated by William Shatner that takes the audience on a spectacular tour through space and time. 8. “Planet Mars” (1979) is narrated by Richard Basehart and features a close-up look at Mars, a planet most similar to our own.