Eye Creatures, The

2281. THE EYE CREATURES (1965-USA). COLOR. With JOHN ASHLEY. Do you believe in UFOs? Are there such things as creatures from other planets? If you are a nonbeliever, this spine-tinÂgling exercise in terror just might change your mind. It opens with a top-secret briefcase arriving at a general’s office. In it is film footage of the latest evidence of flying saucers spinning perilously close to earth. This latest documented sighting is particularly disturbing because the saucer has a comÂpletely unfamiliar design. The military has determined that it probably is manned and most definiteÂly is unfriendly. If information about it were to be leaked to the media, the result would be a “worldÂwide panic.” Cut to a typical small American town. A stranger tries to pick up a waitress at a greasy spoon. An old codger threatens to blast his shotgun at anyone who comes onto his property. Young couples neck in the front seats of their cars. Unknown to them all, that same UFO flies overhead. As you wait and watch these characters, you know the inevitable will come. As to what that will be all you need remember is the title of this eerie horror film. 79 minutes. Horror