F. P. I.

2355. F. P. 1 (1933-England). With leslie fenton, conrad veidt, jill esmond. The F.P. 1 is a marvel Of modern science and architecture: a floating airstrip to be stationed in the mid-Atlantic that would be a key rest and re-fueling stop for airplanes on transcontinental flights. It is the brainchild Of Lt. Commander Droste, a man Of imagination and foresight who for years had been developing its plans. The time finally has come to build the F.P.1. However, as this tense and exciting drama unfolds you will see that “there are spies to industry as well as war!” It seems that some shadowy figures have hatched a diabolical plot to sabotage the F.P.1 before its construction can be completÂed. Droste’s old friend Ellissen is a charismatic world-famous airman-adventurer who sets speed records whenever he enters a cockpit. During the course Of the scenario both men fall in love with alluring Claire Lennartz, part-owner Of the shipyard where the F.P.1 is being constructed. The result is a tale Of passion and jealousy, romance and intrigue set amid the excitement surrounding the implementation Of state-Of-the-art technology. This was filmed on location in Germany not long before Adolph Hitler came to power. Soon afterward the virulently anti-Nazi German film star Conrad Veidt (who is cast as Ellissen) went into exile in England. He later returned to Germany for a visit, but was detained by the Nazis on the pretext that he was too ill to go back to England. An international incident resulted, with Veidt eventually being released upon the insistence Of British doctors sent to Germany. 71 minutes. Drama