Face In The Fog, A

2487. A FACE IN THE FOG (1936-USA). With JUNE COLLYER, LLOYD HUGHES, JACK MULHALL, AL ST. JOHN. As this imaginative murder mystery begins, a crippled hunchback in a black cape called “The Fiend” has killed two members of the cast of a new musical by playwright Peter Fortune. Reporter Jean Monroe publishes a feature article in which she boasts of coming face-to-face with the villain. This serves as a threat to the vicious killer, who then puts her in line to be victim number three! One dark night, his sinister face appears at Jean’s window. She grabs a coat and runs for a cab before “The Fiend” can catch up with her. However, as she opens the taxi door, the mysterious killer shoots a poison pellet that accidentally strikes down the cab driver. Jean stands “numb from the neck both ways,” as her colleague and sweetheart Frank Gordon arrives at the crime scene. Jean, Frank and a clumsy simpleton of a newspaper photographer named Elmer set out to trap the maniacal murderer. Their often masterful but sometimes blundering sleuthing leads them down a shady path of perilous adventures to snare the elusive killer! 55 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense