Face Of The Screaming Werewolf

2379. FACE OF THE SCREAMING WEREWOLF (1959- Mexico). With Lon Chaney, JR. Mr. Chaney is at his horrific best in this hair-raising shocker. It opens with seemingly innocuous experiments in hypnosis conducted by a naturalist, in which his comely female subject is transportÂed back in time to a civilization existing in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. In a previous life, it appears that she was a participant in an eerie and murderous ritual. The naturalist and his company set out for the Yucatan to carry out further research. They end up in a tomb, where they come upon two embalmed creatures. One is an actual mummified inhabitant of the ancient civilization. The other is a modern man who had been placed in the tomb only recently after an exchange of body fluids with the mummy. The “modern” mummy is kidnapped by a crazed scientist and his cohorts, who have been conducting experiments in which they are attempting to restore life to the dead. During a thunderstorm, the proper amount of electricity is generated for the doctor to finish his research. The mummy is brought back to life, but not as a human being. Rather, he has become a werewolf who commences a bloody reign of terror. Good of this kind! English language and dubbed in English. 59 minutes. Horror