False Colors; O Enganador

339. FALSE COLORS (O ENGANADOR) (1943-USA). With WILLIAM BOYD as Hopalong Cassidy, ANDY CLYDE, JIMMY ROGERS, DOUGLAS DUMBRILLE, BOB (ROBERT) M1TCHUM. Hoppy and his sidekicks, CaliÂfornia and Jimmy, befriend a young man, who, in gratitude, makes them equal partners in his huge ranch. When their benefactor is brutally gunned down, Hoppy discovers that the ranch controls all the water rights for the district, and that an unscrupulous banker, eager to build an empire of cattle and land, is behind the murder. The banker has ingeniously plotted to obtain the ranch legallyÑby buying it from an exact double of the murdered man. When Hoppy produces the partnership papers and tries to expose the imposter, he and his pals are accused of lying, and end up in jail a waiting a necktie party! There’s plenty of action, including a barroom brawl between Hoppy and villain Robert Mitchum (who, even when he’s fighting, seems to be half asleep). Two-listed western adventure, highlighted by some clever plot twists and HopalongÕs typically engaging personality. IN ENGLISH WITH PORTUGUESE SUBTITLES. 64 minutes. Western