Family Theatre, The; Triumphant Hour, The

2768. FAMILY THEATRE (The Triumphant Hour). (March 24, 1957-USA). Syndicated. “Hill Number One” with RUTH HUSSEY, RODDY McDOWALL, GENE LOCKHART, JEANNE CAGNEY, LEIF ERICKSON, REGIS TOOMEY, and JAMES DEAN as the apostle John. It’s Easter Sunday on the battlefield, somewhere in Korea. While a squad of dogfaces fights for Hill #46, the padre reminds them of “Hill #1,” taken by only one man. The story of the Resurrection is (old, starting with Joseph asking Pontius Pilate for the return of the body of Jesus. In a deeply moving dramatization, the story of the fateful morning is told, which gives the G.I.s in Korea an answer to a serious question: “What’s it all about?” James Dean has only a minor part, but even dressed in the costume of the day, he still commands attention. Shot live and on film simultaneously, Father Patrick Peyton, the spokesman of the Family Rosary Crusade, ends the program as he had been doing since 1947: “The famify that prays together…stays together!” 57 minutes. TV Drama