Fatal Hour, The

1562. THE FATAL HOUR (1940-usa). With Boris Karloff, Marjorie Reynolds, Grant Withers, JASON ROBARDS, SR., RICHARD LOO. KarloffÕs fourth go-round as James Lee Wong, crafty, urbane San Francisco private eye, is a neatly plotted, entertaining mystery. Grant Withers plays Street, the tough-talking head of the city’s homicide squad. He’s faced with a most perplexing case, one he reluctantly admits has “a million angles.Ó Dan Grady, a lone-wolf detective assigned to the smuggling detail, has been fished out of San Francisco Bay. Grady and Street were just like brothers: they took training together, and pounded the same beat as young cops. Street takes his partnerÕs death hard-so much so that he is immediately compelled to call in Mr. Wong for help. Wong sniffs out clues, which lead him to Chinatown, a nightclub populated by gangsters, adventuresses, drunks and lovesick puppies, and variÂous apartment buildings and back alleys throughout the city. Marjorie Reynolds adds spice to the proceedings Roberta Logan, the intrepid girl reporter who “gets all the medals for digging up the bodiesÓ-while Mr. Wong will surely be deserving of all the medals for fingering the culprit, 66 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense