Father; Diary Of A Week

880. FATHER (Diary Of a Week) (1967-Hungary). An interesting “contemporary” East European film dealing with subjects surprisingly old, yet new. The story starts in 1945 as the war is ending. A young boy’s father has been killed. The death has a great effect on the boy; memories Of his beloved father become conÂfused with his fantasies. Did the father, a surgeon, die a war hero? Was he a Partisan fighting the Nazis with his bare fists? What was he really like? Reality and fantasy blend maddeningly and affect the boy all through his adolescence and young manhood. A stroke Of genius has him portray a Nazi guard during the shooting Of a modern film in Hungary about the war. His love for a Jewish girl, his visit to the small town where his father was born and to the hospital where he practiced medicine shed light and create shadows simultaneously. The film has no clear-cut answers and poses more questions than it resolve, but the portrayal Of a sincere youth in “today’s” Hungary is warm and loving. The film techniques are subjective yet poetic. Perhaps Socialist avant-garde? Regardless Of label, a fine psychological portrait and a film with meaning, In Hungarian with English subtitles. 89 minutes. Drama