Fear Chamber, The; Torture Zone, The

2805. THE FEAR CHAMBER (The Torture Zone) (1968-Mexico) COLOR. With BORIS KARLOFF. Horror legend Boris Karloff spices up this sexy and spine-tingling tale of terror. It is one of the last films he made during his lengthy and illustrious career. Karloff stars as Dr. Martell, a dedicated research scientist. Two of the doctor’s associates (one of whom is his daughter) are about to make a startling discovery: a new and unique underground life form existing within a rock which they find in the pit of a fiery hot volcano. This breakÂthrough will enable mankind to better understand the mystery of the center-of the earth! The rock is brought to the doctor’s laboratory, where the life force within it must be sustained. He and his underlings (a dwarf, a hunchback and an Arab…obviously he’s an equal opportunity employer!) can only accomplish this by attacking and torturing luscious young women and draining them of their blood! Dr. Martell has determined that the force may be kept alive only if it is given transfusions of blood extracted from “the body of a human being in the state of extreme terror.” How far will Martell and his minions go to keep this creature alive? Furthermore, what strange and growing powers does it possess which the doctor has not yet delected? You will shiver as you find out. English language and dubbed in English. 88 minutes. Horror