Fear In The Night

2688. FEAR IN THE NIGHT (1947-USA). With PAUL KELLY, DeFOREST KELLEY, ANN DORAN. Based on a story by WILLIAM IRISH (CORNELL WOOIRICH). A man has a terrifying nightmare. In it, he enters a room where all of the walls are mirrors. ‘There was danger there,” he says. “I knew that. I wanted to turn and run but I couldn’t. It seemed as if my brain was handcuffed, and I had to do what I had come to do.” Immediately, you see what he has come to do: strangle a man to death! The dreamer (whose name is Vince Grayson, played by a very young DeForest Kelley) soon awakens from this soul-rattling fantasy. Only trouble is, he instantly notices two thumb prints on his neck and blood on his wrist! They weren’t there when he went to sleep the night before. Next, Vince and his girlfriend, his sister and brother-in-law (who just so happens to be a homicide detective) head out to the country for a picnic. Even though he has never been there before, Vince inexplicably seems to know his way around the area. A sudden rainstorm causes the party to seek shelter in a house. Inside isÑyou guessed itÑthe very same room from Vince’s dream! All of these startling coincidences are just the beginning of this refreshingly original and thoroughly riveting mystery-thriller that is loaded with one ingenious plot twist after another. 71 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense