Felix The Car And Some Mice Too

2334. FELIX THE CAT: and SOME MICE TOO! (1920-1928-USA).
1. WOOS WHOOPEE (1928). Felix leads a New Year’s Eve celebration with beer in hand. What he does not know is that his irate not-so-better-half awaits him at home with rolling pin in hand! His stroll home in the wee hours is a surrealist’s delight.
2. FELINE FOLLIES (1920). Master Tom Cat is known all over Pussyville for his expertise in capturing mice. He goes courting Miss Kilty White and, as the cliche goes, while the cat’s away, the mice will play…and play…and play.
3. FELIX SAVES THE DAY (1922). Ballplayers Felix and little Willie Brown are teammates on the Nifty Nine. What will happen when poor Willie ends up in jail and Felix must make it to the ballpark in time to pinch hit? The result is a nifty mixture of animation and footage filmed at New York’s Polo Grounds.
4. FELIX IN HOLLYWOOD (1923). Felix must get the money to get to Tinseltown. Once there, he does all in his power to land a movie contract, The renderings of Charlie Chaplin, William S. Hart, Ben Turpin and other celluloid luminaries are a special treat.
5. FELIX DOPES IT OUT (1924). Felix comes to the rescue of a poor chap who is hampered by a beet-red nose.
6. FUTURITZY (1928). Fefix is determined to learn his future before it happens. He first visits a fortune teller and then an astrologist.
7. COMICALAMITIES (1928). This imaginative cartoon opens with a human hand drawing Felix. Only trouble is, the cat is left incomplete! Poor Felix is missing his shading! What must he do to get it?
8. MICE IN COUNCIL (1921), A PAUL TERRYTOON. Old Grandpa Mouse entertains dozens of little mice with his fiddling and storytelling. The young ones are interested to hear how Grandpa won all his medals.
“Woos Whoopee” is a sound film, the rest are “silent” films with music score. 58 minutes total. Cartoons