Female Bunch, The

2611. THE FEMALE BUNCH (A Time To Run) (1969-USA) COLOR. With RUSS TAMBLYN, LON CHANEY, JR. Meet the Female Bunch. They’re a gang of beautiful tough cookies who live by themselves on a ranch and proudly boast that they are completely independent of men. Also meet Sandy, who is being hunted to the death by the gang across the arid desert. The story of how this came to pass comprises the crux of this mind-numbingly corny, sex-laden high-camp classic. Sandy had eloped to Las Vegas with her boyfriend. He promptly gambled away their savings and disappeared. Sandy took a job as a cocktail waitress in a nightclub. It was there that she met “the greatest thing that ever happened to me,” Scotty Mason, a handsome singer. Sandy and Scotty soon are seen frolicking in bed. “For a while, I was in seventh heaven,” Sandy recalls. “Then the bottom fell out.” Scotty begins chasing other women, and then abruptly breaks off their relationship. Sandy also has a new female friend, Libby, a dancer who tells Sandy that she belongs “to a group of girls and they’ve all been through the same thing you have.” They live out in the wilderness, where no men are allowed. Sandy decides to join Libby in paying the gang a visit, and what she finds is at once shocking and bizarre. Start with the weirdest initiation ritual, in which Female Bunch wannabes are buried alive in a coffin! Then there is Grace, the group’s leader. She would fit right in as the commandant of a concentration camp. The evolving scenario is crammed with sex and sadism, and plenty of unintentional laughs. Plus, it is not completely devoid of men. Lon Chaney Jr. (in what turned out to be his last film) is seen as a grizzled old movie stunt man-turned- ranch hand, and Russ Tamblyn plays a stud who suffers a most horrifying fate. It’s onfy fitting that the film was partially shot on the Charles Manson ranch, shortly after his arrest. 79 minutes. Adventure