Fire Monsters Against The Son Of Hercules

2939. FIRE MONSTERS AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES (1961-Italy). COLOR. With REG LEWIS, MARGARET LEE. Through the centuries in olden times there lived the sons of Hercules. Heroes supreme, they roamed the earth righting wrongs, helping the weak and oppressed and seeking adventure. One of the sons is named Maxus. He is a stout-hearted warrior and his deeds and struggles are told in this rousing action-adventure-fantasy. The story is set at a time when a large portion of the earth has been enveloped by an immense glacial ice cap. Ice and snow blanket the region. Shelter and food are scarce. Much of the planet has became unlivable, and so man and beast alike must flee to the few remaining areas with warm climates. One such group is a tribe of sun worshippers who only want to live in peace. They come to a sun-lit valley where they decide to build a village. However, their very survival soon is jeopardized by two sinister forces. The first is a war-like band which viciously attacks the sun-worshippers and kidnaps their women. The second includes the fire monsters, who are ferocious dinosaur-like creatures. The valiant Maxus comes to the assistance of the sun-worshippers by taking on villains one-and-all, man or fire monster! Dubbed in English. 80 minutes. Sword and Sandal