Five Minutes To Love

2570. FIVE MINUTES TO LOVE (The Rotten Apple) (1963-USA). With RUE McCLANAHAN. Most of the action in this harrowing and riveting beat-generation drama takes place in a sleazy auto junkyard whose unsavory proprietor is known simply as Harry. He is a greedy and sadistic crook who keeps two surly punks addicted to pot and hashish so that they will provide him with stolen car parts. Harry occasionally doles out a bonus to his workers: a visit to his unbalanced nymphomaniac girlfriend, Poochie. In one of her first screen roles, Rue McClanahan plays the part of this tarnished golden girl as though she is acting in a Tennessee Williams play! Then one day, Ben and Edna pay a visit to the junkyard when their car breaks down. They are a poor young couple traveling with their baby to San Diego, where Ben has been promised a job. Harry torments Ben, and then makes him and his family the victims of a terrifying and nightmarish ordeal. The shocking realism of this drama vividly and explicitly reveals the dark side of the human experience. 77 minutes. Drama